Taia Peace Foundation (TPF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2007, is the rural development arm of Taia Lion Resources (TLR), a leading ethical and socially responsible mineral exploration company currently operating in Sierra Leone. The founding mission of Taia Peace is to assist rural African communities in overcoming the so-called "resource curse." From Angola to Zimbabwe, Ghana to Guinea, Liberia to the DRC, Africa is rich in natural resources, yet largely absent is economic development of a level commensurate with what that resource potential might suggest. This disparity helps spawn hot zones of economic instability and social tension, the breeding ground for tragic episodes like the Sierra Leone Civil War of 1991-2002.

The seed for the creation of Taia Peace germinated near the Taia river in central Sierra Leone, but our hope is to work at the behest of communities across Africa as they endeavor to remove the social and economic barriers that inhibit lasting peace.

  • Inaugural Fundraiser
    Tuesday, September 22 , 2009
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  • Black Summer's Night
    Friday, October 02 , 2009
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  • Clinton Global Initiative
    Friday, September 25 , 2009
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